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Pork Panko Foodservice

Made for Restaurants. Meant for Chefs.


Made with only two ingredients, our Pork Panko adds the most delectable crunch to any dish! A flaky, crispy, breadcrumb alternative made exclusively from finely ground pork rinds and rock salt, Pork Panko goes anywhere breadcrumbs do and opens up a world of variety to customers who may struggle with gluten intolerances.

Designed for Restaurants

Meant for

Works as a

Works as a

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Foodservice Bag Specs

  • Case Size: 6
  • Pallet: 60 @ 15TI X 4HI
  • Shelf Life: 180 Days

Ways to Use Pork Panko

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Pork Panko Fried Chicken: Two Ways

Mayo Method

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Asked Questions

What makes Pork Panko different from grinding my own pork rinds?

Our Pork Panko is evenly pulverized and de-oiled to ensure a flawless coating. Grinding your own pork rinds is incredibly messy! Pork Panko makes this a hassle-free process.

What kind of recipes can I use Pork Panko in?

Pork Panko is incredibly versatile and can be used to make anything from pork katsu, zucchini fries, and gyoza meatballs to gochujang chicken fingers, or even peanut butter and Pork Panko s’mores. Whether you’re looking to grill, bake, or fry, Pork Panko has you covered.

Can Pork Panko be used as a stand-alone dredge or does it need a flour binding?

Pork Panko works well as both a stand-alone dredge and mixed with flour. The type of breading or crust desired is 100% personal preference. Add herbs and spices to create an even more flavorful Pork Panko crust!