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Perfect for BBQ.

Pork rinds and barbecue. Of course. But pork rinds ON barbecue? Pork Panko is a different kind of bread crumb. It has a higher burning temperature than traditional panko. This opens the door for barbecue. Crust a rack of ribs with Pork Panko to retain moisture. Bread a smoked chicken with Pork Panko for “Grill-Fried” chicken.

Crispy Crispy Topping.

Mac n cheese should come to mind. Don’t just add bacon inside of it, add pork rinds on top of it. Pork rinds brown perfectly as a topping and coat beautifully as a breading. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

Restaurant ready.

We make Pork Panko in 1lb foodservice bags and sell these by the case. If you have a restaurant interested in getting crispy, we will get you samples to try it out.

Pork Panko goes anywhere bread crumbs do.

Available in our shop or in the breadcrumb section

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But we don’t just grind flaky fine pork rinds. We make them in five simple flavors.

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