Crispy Chicharron Chocolate Bars

Crispy Chicharron Chocolate Bars

Dark Chocolate Chicharron Bars. Crispy + Chocolate + Protein.

What: Dark chocolate bark embedded with pork rinds. 
Time: 5 minutes of prep with an overnight freeze
Makes: 3 Bars, roughly 1oz each


Ingredients and Amounts:


Step 1

Everything you need to make Chicharron Chocolate.

Step 2

Heat water up to 130° F and drop the second pot on top. Hold this temperature as close as possible during mixing - it is needed for the cocoa to temper properly.

Step 3

Add the chips in the upper pot. Gently stir with the spatula when they begin to melt. Drop in the Pork Dust once fully melted and stir in completely with spatula.

Step 4

After fully blended, pour into chocolate bar molds.

Step 5

Scrape mold tops to even out chocolate distribution. Freeze molds overnight and remove.

Step 6