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Pork Rind Beer Pairings

Pork Clouds: Our Irrigation Recommendations

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA + Rosemary & Sea Salt

This combination is an edible pincer maneuver - two herbacious tastes come together at once. The piney potency of rosemary is detected simultaneously with the balanced pine and citrus hop taste of the 60 Minute. As the sip continues, the carbonation cleans things up only to be finished with a light and lingering sea salt taste.

Wild Heaven White Blackbird Saison + Garlic Thyme

The Saison originated as an ode to summertime, when it was typically consumed. Typical of the style, there are a wide range of flavors ensconced within the Wild Blackbird, pink peppercorns being the most prominent. Similarly, our Garlic Thyme clouds hint of summertime in every bite - perhaps because this is when both thyme and garlic mature. The garlic background and herbal thyme flavor slots nicely against the myriad spices in White Blackbird, making every bite remind one of a picnic.

Bell's Two Hearted Ale + Malabar Black Pepper

Although technically an IPA, the Two Hearted is such a fine specimen it works in more places than most beverages. The versatility of the Two Hearted is matched by the snappiness of Malabar Black Pepper, which remains after multiple sips.

Abita Purple Haze + Szechuan Garlic

Technically a wheat lager, Purple Haze is an excellent pairing in and of itself. The beer adds a layer of sweetness and cloudiness from raspberry puree on top of the already vaguely sweet, vaguely cloudy wheat lager style. The Szechuan pepper is an unusual flavor all its own, but is technically a berry despite its name. This along with its garlic base connect well with the pork below, making for a particularly savory taste. Against the subtle sweetness of the Purple Haze, this makes for a classically well matched sweet and savory combination.

UFO White + Habanero

This mildly sweet witbier is the best bulwark against a bowl of Habanero Pork Clouds. The slow smolder of habanero spice level contrasts beautifully against the lingering sweetness of this unfiltered white.

Left Hand Nitro + Cinnamon Ceylon

A beer pairing that legitimately works for breakfast. The slight sweetness present in this delicious example of a milk stout works perfectly with this even less sweet Pork Cloud pastry.