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pork soap

What is Pork Soap?

We cook our Pork Clouds in 100% olive oil, but like all oils this eventually breaks down.

When the oil is spent, we filter it… and transform it into pure Castile soap - Pork Soap!

Each small batch is made entirely by hand using exclusively our recycled olive oil and rosemary extract.

filtering pork soap

Does it Smell Like Pork?

Good question. Short answer: No.

The olive oil we use is filtered first, which removes most everything that is not olive oil. After that, the oil is blended with steam distilled rosemary extract. This is the soap base, which makes it a Castile soap.

Pork Soap Slicer

washing with pork soap

How Is It Used?

Pork Soap is made using a very typical Castile soap recipe as a base. This makes it an excellent, stronger than average soap for most cleaning purposes - particularly tough grease and bee's wax (we have personal experience on that one!). It is more alkaline than most, registering around the Ph level of baking soda. Pork Soap creates fewer suds than most soaps because there are are no additives other than olive oil and rosemary extract.

How it Works:

Filtering Olive Oil

Once the olive oil is spent, we run it through a series of filters to purify the oil. Following that, we blend in rosemary extract and prep for the next step.

Stirring Pork Soap

We mix the soap together with distilled water and soda ash to then pour into molds.

Pouring Pork Soap into Mold

After weeks of curing, each batch is hand sliced and wrapped into a bar to ship to you.

Slicing Pork Soap

You soap things up.

Pork Soap

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