Pork Cloud Flavors

Cinnamon pork rinds

Cinnamon Ceylon

The closest thing to a meat pastry. These flaky crisps receive a light dusting of True Cinnamon, otherwise known as Cinnamon Ceylon. Then they are lightly dashed with cane sugar, yielding a lightly sweet cinnamon crisp vaguely reminiscent of a churro.

rosemary sea salt pork rinds

Rosemary & Sea Salt

These crisps are seasoned with a pungent ground Rosemary accompanied by finely ground Sea Salt. This combination provides a light, herby background flavor finished with a salty memoria.

black pepper pork rinds

Malabar Black Pepper

The most baconic of Pork Clouds. These crisps are dashed with Malabar Black Pepper. This is a particularly snappy pepper spice sourced from the tropical Malabar coast of India's Kerala province. They have a poignantly pipperine finish that reminds one of bacon.

spiciest pork rinds

Habanero Pepper

We like flavor. We like spicy. So we skipped the Jalapeño and went straight for Habanero. These clouds are bathed in a plume of onion and Habanero, resulting in a powerful, but slow burn.