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Pork Clouds - Chicharrones aka Pork Rinds
Pork Clouds - Chicharrones / Pork Rinds Nutritional Info

Kettle Cooked in Olive Oil

Pork Clouds - Chicharrones/Pork Rind Ingredients
Pork Clouds - Rosemary & Sea Salt Pork Rinds
Rosemary & Sea Salt

These crisps are seasoned with a pungent ground Rosemary accompanied by finely ground Sea Salt. This combination provides a light, herby background flavor finished with a salty memoria.

Pork Clouds - Habanero Pepper Pork Rinds
Habanero Pepper

We like flavor. We like spicy. So we skipped the jalapeño and went straight for habanero. These clouds are bathed in a plume of onion and Habanero, resulting in a powerful, but slow burn.

Pork Clouds - Malabar Black Pepper Pork Rinds
Malabar Black Pepper

The most baconic of Pork Clouds. These crisps are dashed with Malabar Black Pepper. This is a particularly snappy pepper spice sourced from the tropical Malabar coast of India's Kerala province. They have a poignantly piperine finish that reminds one of bacon.

Pork Clouds - Garlic Thyme Pork Rinds
Garlic Thyme

A bright, summery herb background set upon a pungent garlic base. Ideally used as a scoop for hummus and as an accopaniment to Levantine food.

Pork Clouds - Cinnamon Ceyon Pork Rinds
Cinnamon Ceyon

The closest thing to a meat pastry. These flaky crisps receive a light dusting of True Cinnamon, otherwise known as Cinnamon Ceylon. Then they are lightly dashed with case sugar, yielding a lightly sweet cinnamon crisp vaguely reminiscent of a churro.

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