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Pork Panko - 3oz (3 Pack)


Pork Panko - 3oz (3 Pack)

$ 11.95

  • Details

    A drop in breadcrumb replacement, Pork Panko is finely and flakily ground pork rinds. Pork Panko is seasoned only with salt - a blank slate for your crispy ideas.

  • Ingredients

    Pork Skin

    Rock Salt

  • Nutrition

    Portion: 1/2oz (14g)

    Calories: 80

    Total Fat: 5g

    Saturated Fat: 1.5g

    Cholesterol: 20mg

    Carbs: 0g

    Protein: 9g

    Fiber: 0g

    Sugars: 0g

    Sodium: 190 mg


“I dipped the chicken breasts in ranch salad dressing and then rolled in this Pork Panko, then cooked at 375 for 35 minutes, and it was AMAZING. The kids couldn't even tell the difference. I personally preferred it.” - Brigid K.

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