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Pork Panko Crispy Asparagus

Pork Panko Crispy Asparagus

Recipe courtesy of our friend: @darth_traeger



  • 1) Set Traeger Pro 575 to 450.
  • 2) Beat Eggs in a bowl and season with S&P.
  • 3) In a bowl, beat egg, vinegar and S&P.
  • 4) Mix Pork Panko and Hatch Chile seasoning.
  • 5) Spread asparagus on baking sheet, spray with Duck Fat Spray season with S&P, roll in flour, dip in the egg mix and finally coat with Pork Panko.
  • 6) Set the baking sheet with the Asparagus Fries on your grill and cook for 15~20 min flipping half way through the cook.
  • 7) Mix Mayo and Balsamic, add a little S&P to taste and serve with the Asparagus.

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