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Low & No Carb Walkthroughs

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    Pork Panko Mozzarella Sticks

    Posted on
    This recipe for mozzarella sticks is a perfect party snack or appetizer. We baked it for a healthier spin, and it's keto-friendly to boot. Make sure to freeze the cheese!...

    Creamy Mac N Cheese with Pork Panko'd Parmesan Topping

    Posted on
    This recipe is the ultimate comfort food-- cheesy, warm, perfect as a side dish at dinner or as a weeknight dinner. Pure, simple ingredients. Delicious crunchy parmesan top (we all...

    Low Carb Pork Panko Meatballs

    Posted on
    We like doing the classics here at Bacon's Heir. The dishes you have good memories of, or get cravings over. When we decided to remix the ever classic meatball, we...

    Pork Rind Breaded Chicken

    Posted on
    Let's talk about chicken. Let's talk about fried chicken: crispy on the outside, perfectly seasoned, moist and tender on the inside. It may be the perfect food.  Well, we couldn't...

    Crispy Roasted Vegetables

    Posted on
    Tis the season, and very few side dishes are as satisfying as a bowl of roasted veggies. Roasting gives things a deep complex carmelized flavor, and they're perfect next to...

    Pork Rind Stuffing

    Posted on
    It's time for the holidays, and boy have we got a dish for you. It's easy, healthy, low carb, and delicious as all get out.  One might argue that stuffing...

    Mofongo with Pork Panko

    Posted on
    Mofongo can be found from Puerto Rico to the Dominican Republic, and is often served with meat or chicken broth. Fried green plantains are mashed with garlic and chicharrones, resulting...

    Brazilian Fried Bananas

    Posted on
    With the 2016 Summer Olympics underway in RIo, we've had Brazil on the mind quite a bit. And what better way to explore another culture than through the universal language of...

    Crispy Avocado Fries

    Posted on
           When I saw the words "avocado" and "fries" together over at Heather Cox's Eat Real Food blog, I knew she was onto something. For this low-carb modification,...

    Pork Rind Fried Green Tomatoes

    Posted on
    It's Summer and the Southern dishes are coming out in full force! We got this delicious recipe for fried green tomatoes from our friend Sarah over at Primal Bites. It's fun,...

    Light and Easy Arugula Summer Salad

    Posted on
    This delicious salad features my very favorite of all the lettuces- arugula. Somehow I missed out on arugula until my late twenties. IMAGINE. I know it can be divisive with...

    Pork Panko'd Scotch Eggs

    Posted on
      We're excited to show you an easy and delicious way to make a protein-packed, low-carb version of one of our favorite brunch foods- Scotch Eggs. Perhaps you have some leftover...

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